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Burden assessment process

We aim to minimise the impact of data collection. We do this by assessing the burden of national information standards, data collections or extractions on health and adult social care services.

The burden assessment process forms part of assurance processes that all organisations asking to collect health or adult social care data must complete. This includes acceptance by the Standardisation Committee for Care Information (SCCI). The assessment methodology includes panels, discussions, surveys and visits.

A burden assessment process is required when:

  • changes are being requested to existing data collections or information standards
  • new data collections or information standards are being developed
  • existing active data collections have not yet been through the required assurance processes

After we've assessed the potential level of burden we advise data collection owners on how they might minimise the burden of their collection on health and care staff and make recommendations to the SCCI.

The following diagram shows the key steps involved in the burden assessment process. Hovering over the various steps will provide you with further detail:

pdf icon Burden assessment process diagram [378kb]

Burden assessment process steps

1. Ensure you are engaged with the SCCI process.

2. Apply to register or sign in to complete the BAAS application form.

3. We will contact you to advise and guide you through the assessment process, which will be tailored appropriately for your information standard, collection or extraction.

4. We will carry out a consultation with a panel of information experts and relevant representatives across the health or social care sector regarding your application.

5. We might visit health and care staff responsible for collating the data locally and/or providing the data requested to the relevant national body.

6. We will consolidate the findings into a report containing recommendations for minimising administrative burden or in some cases advising non acceptance of burden (SCCI may accept or decline the data collection and/or information standard, based on the burden assessment report.).

7. The collection owner and data providers are informed of SCCI's decision via communications such as the Information Standard Notifications and confirmation letter from the SCCI Chair.

8. Within each three year period we will carry out a review of all identified data collections to ensure they are still valid, required, and delivering benefits or efficiencies.

9. We will provide feedback to the Secretary of State for Health as part of our statutory duties and publish all reports, findings and recommendations, as appropriate.

10. Once a collection has been accepted by SCCI, the BAAS should be notified of any changes to or decommissioning of a collection.

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