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JSNA best practice

We are working with a group of localities and The Association of Public Health Observatories to analyse the different elements of what constitutes a strong JSNA.

The work of the field sites within this project aims to build from the foundation provided by the existing national tools and front line experience of delivering JSNAs to provide a wider range of guidance and recommended tools, methods and approaches. This range of outputs will be built from project work that shall identify what has worked well, gaps in terms of data, tools, guidance and expertise and develop innovative local best practice focussing on the effective use of data. The outcomes of the project shall be shared to inform those managing JSNAs and to influence priority setting, commissioning and improve health and well being, through partnership working between the Department of Health, the NHS Information Centre, Public Health Observatories and Local Service Providers (LSPs).

  • Cambridge

    Creating a local intelligence system and engagement across agencies

  • Sandwell

    Predictive modelling - the impact of lifestyle on population health

  • Calderdale

    Collecting qualitative information to identify adult lifestyle behaviours

  • Gateshead

    Establishing an appropriate baseline measurement of resource allocation and mapping of pathways of care

  • Manchester City

    A locality core data set and engaging with commissioners

  • Nottingham City

    Linking existing data sets to create a picture of need

  • Islington

    Improving Primary Care Trust (PCT) engagement with the community, voluntary and third sectors

  • Torbay

    Collection and analysis of data to inform decision making

  • Surrey

    Accessing, sharing and using data across LSP partners

  • Expert advice 

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