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Commissioning Data Sets and Moving on from SUS PbR

What is this consultation?

The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) would like to invite responses from existing Secondary Uses Service (SUS) analysts and other interested parties, to provide their views on design proposals for a successor information system and service to SUS PbR. The consultation opens at 9:30am on 9 October 2013.

Why are we having this consultation?

In conjunction with NHS England and Monitor, the HSCIC is committed to maintaining stability and business continuity of the existing service of SUS PbR. We want to preserve and expand upon the benefits already delivered by the existing service by:

  • continuing the move towards achieving policy-level strategy for a single repository for national tariffed data
  • continuing national consistency of approach, thereby reducing the need for local negotiation.

In deciding a suitable approach trade-offs between competing and evolving business priorities need to be made. The HSCIC recognise that a balance must be struck in being responsive to policy as well as to user demands without putting undue administrative burden on the NHS and continuing to deliver high quality care to patients.

Summary of consultation

The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) are looking for input from stakeholders, particularly existing SUS PbR users and finance specialists, to ensure that we:

  • understand current processes and uses of SUS PbR and what functionality is imperative to current working practices
  • evaluate what level of impact on the HSCIC considerations for change would have on existing and future business processes
  • understand potential barriers to the introduction of suggested changes.

How to respond

Please fill in this online survey to provide responses to the consultation.

The pdf icon discussion paper [499kb] provides essential background reading which must be read in conjunction with providing your responses to the survey.

This consultation process is open to anyone and closes at 5pm on 18 November 2013.

If you have a query regarding the paper or would like to discuss any issue please call 0845 300 6016 or email: clearly stating "CDS and moving on from SUS PbR" in the subject line.

Next steps

Upon completion all responses to the discussion paper will be considered by the HSCIC and will inform the requirements of the National Tariffing System. An anonymised summary of the responses will be published on the HSCIC website after the consultation.

Responses: confidentiality and disclaimer

The information you send us may be passed to colleagues within the HSCIC, other government departments or related agencies. Even where confidentiality is requested, if a request for disclosure of the consultation response is made in accordance with the Freedom of Information legislation, and the response is not covered by one of the exemptions in the legislation, the HSCIC may have to disclose the response, in whole or in part.

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