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HSCIC publishes strategy for 2013-2015

04 February, 2014: We have published our strategy, setting out our priorities for the next 18 months, together with a roadmap for the longer-term development of our data and information systems.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre consulted widely on the strategy when it was published in draft form in October last year. The feedback received has been invaluable in shaping the pdf icon final document [1Mb].

The strategy covers four main areas:

  • Promoting trust through secure and interoperable services
  • Delivering the national technology services
  • Providing information to support better care
  • Supporting the wider economy

It also discusses how we can become a high-performing organisation with an international reputation.

HSCIC Chair Kingsley Manning said, 'Our strategy is not prescriptive but enabling. Our objective is to build a data and information eco-system that encourages innovation in service provision, removing and reducing the barriers to service redesign, placing the individual at its centre.

'The strategy provides a framework for ensuring that one of the UK's greatest assets, our huge system for collecting and using health and care data, can be fully employed to improve the care of individuals, provide services for the wider community and improve the economic well-being of the nation.'

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