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Caldicott2 Implementation Monitoring Group Starts Work

February 07, 2014

The Secretary of State requested a review of how information is shared in Health and Social Care. Dame Fiona Caldicott was asked to complete this review and compiled the report 'Information: to share or not to share' published last summer. The Government responded to this report and in this report requested that the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) create a team to monitor and support the implementation of the recommendations.

The HSCIC has set up a Caldicott2 Implementation Monitoring Group (CIMG) team in response to this.

CIMG is working closely with Dame Fiona Caldicott's independent panel (IIGOP), created in response to the Secretary of State request that it accepted a brief to advise, challenge and report on the state of information governance across England's health and social care systems.

Supporting IIGOP as it advises the Secretary of State, CMIG will ensure all key organisations, tasked with changing how they share and protect information, have put clear and achievable plans in place. Regular progress reports will be required and a continuous log maintained of current risks and issues. IIGOP, when it receives these regular reports, will be able to judge and comment on how adequate these are.

Reports will also be provided to the Information Governance sub group of the National Information Board, which takes system wide decisions about information systems.

CIMG is writing to organisations to establish accountable officers to progress this evidence gathering.

Kingsley Manning, Chair of the HSCIC, said:

"Making sure Dame Fiona's recommendations happen is a priority if sharing information for the benefit of patients and service users is to become a reality. One of the options we expect her panel to ask us to provide evidence about is creating a single point of advice and guidance on information sharing. We are pleased to be able to support this crucial work which will enable the NHS and social care to make the best use of information."

Dame Fiona Caldicott, Chair of IIGOP, said:

"Our brief is to hold the system to account on behalf of the Secretary of State and we cannot do that effectively without robust evidence about how much information sharing is happening, or not, across health and social care. We are grateful for the work that CIMG will be doing for us as it will be key to successful implementation of Caldicott2 proposals."


Notes to editors

1) A central email address has been created, and should be used by individuals and organisations for any questions.

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