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Legitimate Commissioning Relationships

The Data Services for Commissioners (DSfC) programme has issued a briefing note which outlines the current, interim process for its customers to request new, or make changes to legitimate commissioning relationships with Data Services for Commissioners Regional Offices (DSCRO).

This process is in place to ensure that the exchange of commissioning data is protected and adheres to the strictest information governance protocols. It ensures patient information is protected and that the organisations requesting commissioning information have a legitimate right to access the data.

Organisations including Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), Commissioning Support Units (CSUs) or NHS England Local Area Teams (ATs) may set up new, or amend existing relationships, with DSCROs if there is a signed service contract in place relating to the provision of data processing services. word icon This document [108kb] outlines the process.

The xls icon legitimate commissioning relationships [38kb] spreadsheet lists the relationships between CCGs, NHS England Local ATs, CSUs and DSCROs and others.

Details of the legitimate commissioning relationships are only published once a signed service contract for the provision of data processing services is in place, and with the express consent of those organisations involved.

For enquiries about the service, email citing 'Data Services for Commissioners - Legitimate Relationships' in the subject box.

CAG Section 251 Extensions

Extensions have been granted for existing section 251s, until 31 March 2017, to support the transition of temporary arrangements to a sustainable future model that meets the needs of commissioners and complies with legal and security requirements.

NHS England has received confirmation of approval from the Secretary of State through the Confidentiality Advisory Group (CAG) for an extension for the following commissioning Section 251s:

1. CAG 2-03 (a)/2013 Application for transfer of data from the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) to commissioning organisation Accredited Safe Havens (ASH)
2. CAG 7-04 (a)/2013 Disclosure of commissioning data sets and GP data for risk stratification purposes to data processors working on behalf of GPs
3. CAG 7-07 (a) - (c) /2013 Application for transfer of data from the HSCIC to commissioning organisation accredited safe heavens: inclusion of invoice validation as a purpose within CAG 2-03 (a)/2013
(b) CAG 7-07(b)/2013 - Invoice validation within Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) controlled environment for Finance
(c) CAG 7-07(c)/2013 - Invoice validation within NHS England within the Commissioning Support Units controlled environment (for Finance) on behalf of Clinical Commissioning Groups

The updated extension dates and approval notification can be found here on the CAG website.

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