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Care Plans in the paperless NHS consultation

The Standardisation Committee for Care Information (SCCI) has requested that the HSCIC investigate the demand for a national information standard to harmonise the structure of care plans across health and adult social care. Note that care plans may be referred to as treatment plans, intervention plans, management plans and similar; however, national guidance is now leaning towards the use of care plans as the preferred term.

Standardised care plans will help to improve the exchange of care information across organisations, allowing its clear, efficient, and unambiguous transfer; however, there are financial implications and SCCI would like to understand the current usage of care plans in order to make an informed decision about future development.

This consultation is aimed at all users of care plans, in the broadest sense. Nursing staff and other clinicians, allied health professionals, and social care providers will all have a contribution to make to the development of a standardised care plan. You are therefore invited to provide feedback on:

  • the current use of care plans within your organisation
  • the need for a national standard to support personalised care plans to be shared and updated across organisation boundaries.

The closing date for feedback is 29 August 2014.

Find out more about this consultation.

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