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Secondary Uses Service (SUS) Payment by Results (PbR)

We collect information about patient care and treatment to ensure that funding for NHS services goes where the care and treatment has been provided. It relates to NHS activity that has been delivered by NHS or independent healthcare providers contracted to undertake NHS-funded work. It can be submitted by hospitals, outpatient clinics, care homes, and community or mental health services.

This information on patients is about the care or treatment for which the care provider receives funding from NHS budgets. The information can be from different care settings including inpatient, outpatient, emergency medicine, births, and deliveries.

Types of information collected

The information that is collected by the HSCIC about individuals from these providers of care and treatment can be described in the following general categories:

  • Patient Data

(Including NHS number, Date of birth, address, gender, age, ethnicity, marital status)

  • Activity Data

(Including admission dates, appointment dates, discharge dates)

  • Clinical Data

(Including information about procedures, diagnoses and treatments.)

For example, John is referred to his local hospital by his GP for cataract treatment. During the course of his care and treatment, the hospital carries out an outpatient appointment for initial assessment followed by an admission to hospital for treatment of the cataract. The information from both the outpatient appointment and the care and treatment of John during the time he is in hospital comes to the HSCIC.

If a treatment or condition is sensitive, such as fertility treatment or HIV, the HSCIC will only receive activity and clinical data. It will not receive personal data. A patient may also specifically request that a provider does not send information that identifies them to the HSCIC so that the HSCIC only receives activity and clinical data.

Access to the information

The NHS providers who have sent information to the HSCIC are able to view the information that they have submitted. Those who plan and pay for these health services (known as commissioners) also have access to the information for the patients in the community for whom they are responsible to in planning services. They use it to make the right payments to those organisations which have provided care

The HSCIC can also access the information to monitor data quality and to help with the corrections of any errors.

Any organisation wanting a copy of this information must make an application through the HSCIC Data Access Request Service.

If requested, where the GP thinks it may be of benefit to that patients care, we may provide information about that patients care to their GP.

Further Information on SUS.

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