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Correction to coverage of HSCIC's review of data releases

November 27, 2014

Journalists who are intending to cover the recent publication of the HSCIC's Review of data releases made by the NHS Information Centre: progress report, should be aware that we have issued two corrections to inaccurate reports.

1. No data was illegally supplied to insurance companies. The Review of data releases made by the NHS Information Centre published in June criticised administrative lapses rather than the legal bases used to release data by our predecessor body.

2. The controls on data are about the purpose it will be used for, not the type of organisation. The Care Act 2014 makes clear that the HSCIC must only provide data that identifies individuals (or could potentially do so) for "provision of health care or adult social care, or the promotion of health" and further clarifies that we cannot share information  "for solely commercial purposes such as for commercial insurance". 

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