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Consultation on the data requirements for the proposed collection on Deferred Payment Agreements and questions regarding the care cap in response to the Care Act

What is this consultation?

This consultation is about the proposed collection on Deferred Payment Agreements and questions regarding the care cap arising from the introduction of the Care Act. It is part of a series of consultations about changes to national data collections arising from the introduction of the Care Act.

Why are we having this consultation?

Councils are currently in the process of making changes to practices and procedures to make sure they are Care Act compliant from April 2015. The HSCIC data collections need to be relevant and useful and if social care practice is changing we need to make sure that our data returns reflect that.

We are planning a number of consultations about the changes to these national data requirements arising from the introduction of the Care Act. This is one of these consultations and includes questions about the proposed new collection relating to Deferred Payment Agreements and questions regarding the care cap.

The first consultation has already launched and included questions about the Safeguarding Adults Return and the Adult Social Care User and Carer Surveys.

We are also planning a future consultation regarding possible changes to the Short and Long Term (SALT) return.

Summary of the consultation

Over the last few months the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) has been working in collaboration with local authority and Department of Health (DH) colleagues and others to assess what changes may be required to the national data collections and to develop proposals for these changes. These proposals form the basis of this consultation. The consultation will allow us to gain feedback from a wider range of stakeholders.

Through the Care Act 2014 and the secondary legislation the Department of Health will shortly be laying under it, the deferred payments scheme is being extended so it will be universally available throughout England. Whilst deferred payments have existed for some time, the new universal offer will likely prompt additional demand. As such we have proposed a new data collection which can be seen in this consultation. The consultation asks for your thoughts about what the implications of the Care Act are and as a result what changes you think maybe needed to the collections. The feedback will be used to inform future developments.

Details about the proposals for the Deferred Payments collection are given in the supporting documentation including, where appropriate, tables to show how the proposals will look if implemented. We recommend that you review the supporting documentation prior to answering the deferred payment agreements section of the consultation. Please note there is no supporting document for the questions regarding the care cap.

Each proposal is followed by a set of questions; these questions are mainly concerned with whether you support the proposal and how useful it is to have the data collected centrally by the HSCIC. Local Authority respondents are asked to provide information about whether it is possible to collect the data and about the costs arising from any changes specifically related to the collection of national deferred payment agreements data. This will help inform decisions around whether the proposed changes are affordable.

How to respond

This consultation is open to anyone, whether as an individual or representing an organisation. We are looking for the views of all stakeholders. The consultation contains questions about both the proposed collection on Deferred Payment Agreements and the care cap, however you can choose to answer either section or both sections. The preferred method for responding to this consultation is via the online questionnaire. However responses to or comments on this consultation may also be made by email or by post to:

The Social Care Team
The Health and Social Care Information Centre
1 Trevelyan Square
Boar Lane

This consultation will close on Monday 16 February 2015. If you have any queries regarding the completion of this survey or any issues not covered by this survey then please contact us.

Publication of the consultation

The findings from the consultation will be published on our website.

Responses: confidentiality and disclaimer

The information you send us may be passed to colleagues within the HSCIC, other government departments or related agencies. Even where confidentiality is requested, if a request for disclosure of the consultation response is made in accordance with the Freedom of Information legislation, and the response is not covered by one of the exemptions in the legislation, the HSCIC may have to disclose the response, in whole or in part.

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