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Reports from the Learning Disability Census collections

This page provides links to all publications from the Learning Disability Census collections.

The Learning Disability Census has collected data three times;

  • 30 September 2015
  • 30 September 2014
  • 30 September 2013

Data is collected via the HSCIC Clinical Audit Platform (CAP). Providers submit data to reflect the position on census day. Providers have a set period of time to submit their data for analysis before the platform closes.

For more information on the background to the collection go to:

Data releases

For all collections, data was released in two stages. This allowed HSCIC to produce an initial output as timely as possible and then follow with more detailed analysis.

Learning Disability Census 2015

Initial report - England level data for all measures including linking to 2013 and 2014 data and the Assuring Transformation collection

Further analysis - Local Office split of key measures (we are experiencing difficulties with the website. Please access the files from

Learning Disability Census 2014

Initial report - England level data for all measures including linking to 2013 data

Further analysis - Area Team split of key measures

Learning Disability Census 2013

Initial report - Demographics, ward type, distance from home and length of stay

Further analysis - Geographical split by key measures plus use of medication and number of incidents

Guidance document for each Learning Disability census collection

The documents linked here provide guidance on the questions validations for each Learning Disability Census collection.

pdf icon Question guidance for 2013 [403kb]

pdf icon Question guidance for 2014 [661kb]

pdf icon Question guidance for 2015 [684kb]

Related data collections

Assuring Transformation collects information on an ongoing basis from commissioners of inpatient Learning Disability services. Further information can be found here:

The first release by HSCIC of this data included a comparison between the patients recorded in the Learning Disability Census and the Assuring Transformation Collection. The comparison was based on reported NHS numbers. The analysis can be found here:

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