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HSCIC statement on National Audit Office report into the General Practice Extraction Service

02 July, 2015

The NAO report states that significant issues occurred with GPES in the years before the inception of the HSCIC, which was created two years ago with a new mandate, structure and senior leadership team. It is clear the GPES procurement and design stage was not good enough, regardless of the intent of predecessor bodies.

The HSCIC is equally clear that upon our creation we took full responsibility for delivering a data extraction service that is operationally and financially efficient. We are maximising the working aspects of GPES and replacing those parts that do not work. Our focus is on developing a suitable service that meets the needs of the NHS and patients.

HSCIC staff are taking every possible step to ensure this happens as swiftly as possible:

  • Our chief executive took immediate action to install an entirely new senior team of technical experts, led by a very experienced programme head, to run GPES.
  • Our first priority was to stabilise the service to make sure it could facilitate QOF payments to more than 8,000 GP practices in England.  We ensured this happened and have so far supported payments worth approximately £1.7 billion.
  • This has been built upon with faster, live reports and the addition of automated enhanced payments for conditions like dementia, learning disabilities and rotavirus.
  • During the 2014/15, GPES completed eight extracts for 38 data collection periods for NHS England
  • After stabilising the service we are working with organisations that have previously made extract requests to agree on their current requirements and be realistic on what can be achieved. We expect to complete 24 different types of data extract in 2015/16.
  • We are working hard with system suppliers to ensure that together we ensure GPES runs at full capacity and that new contract negotiations move forward in a positive way.
  • We are exploiting all technological aspects of the current service and are expanding on this with our technical expertise to make the extraction process faster.
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