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Idea Submission

Complete this form to start the SCCI process, whether for an idea for a new information standard and/or collection (including extraction) (ISCE), or for a change to an existing ISCE.

You may not have all the information necessary to complete all the fields. However please provide as much detail as possible and then press submit.

You will be contacted within two working days of submission by a member of our Idea Development team to discuss next steps.

Please do not use this form to request data from HSCIC. Visit our Data Access Request Service (DARS) pages to learn how to make an application.

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iCM Form
  1. Please tell us about yourself
  2. Select what this idea is for. Please tick which apply – leave blank if you are unsure
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    1. Is person identifiable data involved? *
    2. Funding and commitment. We would like to know how far you have got with identifying funding and resources:
      1. Is funding available? *
      2. Do you have resource to carry out the work? *
      3. Is there a business commitment to back this work? *
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