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HSCIC Correction to Daily Mail article "Doughnuts and Pizzas on NHS"

August 17 2015

We would like to clarify that the net ingredient cost (NIC) of "gluten free junk food" - a term not recognised within Prescription Cost Analysis (PCA) -  of prescriptions dispensed in the community in England in 2014 did not equate to £116million.

The total NIC of gluten free preparations was £26.8m in 2014, while the NIC of preparations that were both gluten free and low protein was £28.2m.

The £116million figure actually represents total NIC for all special diet preparations dispensed in 2014. This includes other foods for special diet preparations, including nutritional supplements for fats, proteins, carbohydrates and baby formulae. These are preparations that have been modified to eliminate a particular constituent or are nutrient mixtures formulated as food substitutes for patients who either cannot tolerate or cannot metabolise certain common constituents of food.

All figures quoted by the Daily Mail in respect of the number of prescription items for special diet preparations are correct.


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