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User requirements for the Library of Quality Assured Indicators


The way information is used by commissioners and providers of health and care services to the benefit of patients is important.

Trust in the quality of information is of great importance.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre's (HSCIC's) Indicator and Methodology Assurance Service (IMAS) supports this goal by providing the means to ensure national level health and social care indicators are well defined and are based on accurate data and transparent methodologies.

Our legal obligation

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 states that HSCIC must provide:

  • A library of quality assured indicators, their assured methodologies and review dates.
  • A repository that contains both assured / non-assured indicators and a mechanism to apply for a quality indicator to be included in the library.

The project

HSCIC hosts an Excel spreadsheet which contains a list of assessed indicators.  However, this is not a long term solution due to limitations of security, scalability, searching, reporting and it has a large manual maintenance overhead.

HSCIC is leading a project to deliver a long term solution containing the following components:

  • A National Library of Quality Assured Indicators which will be the central and authoritative source of indicator metadata for assured indicators used across the health and care system.
  • A Repository that will host the details of assured/non-assured indicators and also those indicator applications going through formal assurance via a controlled workflow.
  • A Directory, a searchable list of indicators from across the health and social care system, including those which have not approached the HSCIC for assurance.

Why we need your help

The project team is currently defining the business requirements and needs your input.

How to get involved

We are keen to hear your views and would like to invite you to complete the following short questionnaire: Closing date 5pm on 15 January 2016.

Any queries relating to this survey or indicator assurance should be sent to

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