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Ambulance Systems Indicators (AmbSYS)

BAAS: Pending

Frequency: Monthly

Background to the collection

In 2017 the NHS England Ambulance Response Programme agreed an updated set of Systems Indicators for the eleven Ambulance Services in England with Ambulance Services and other stakeholders. These supersede the Systems Indicators that commenced in 2011. They cover the new Ambulance categories C1 to C4 rolled out nationwide in 2017, which replaced the previous Red 1, Red 2 and Green categories. They include mean and 90th centile response times for those categories; incidents closed on the call, or at scene; 999 call answer times; and allocations of vehicles.

These Systems Indicators are published monthly alongside Ambulance Clinical Outcomes at

This site also contains Statistical Notes describing the data, a collection and publication timetable, links to similar data, and the data specification.


Launch and submission dates:


Data PeriodLaunch dateDeadline date
January 20181 February 20182 February 2018
February 20181 March 20182 March 2018
March 20183 April 20185 April 2018
April 20181 May 20183 May 2018
May 20181 June 20186 June 2018
June 20182 July 20185 July 2018
July 20181 August 20183 August 2018










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