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Cancer 62 Day Patient Target List (CANPTL62)

BAAS: Pending

Frequency: Weekly

Background to the collection

The 'Cancer 62 Day Patient Target List' (CANPTL62) collection is a weekly snapshot which shows the number of patients on the cancer 62-day pathway, who are at risk of breaching the 62-day standard (two month/62-day wait from urgent GP referral to first definitive treatment). The collection is submitted by trusts which provide cancer services. Different terms are used interchangeably for the abbreviation 'PTL': Patient Target List and Priority Tracking List. The patients on the 62-day pathway are all patients who are referred via an urgent referral for suspected cancer from a GP or GDP (known as two week wait patients) where cancer has not been excluded. A two week wait patient only comes off the 62-day pathway when a cancer diagnosis is excluded.

Launch and submission dates:

Please note that submission window continues a weekly basis on the same days

Data PeriodCollection opensDeadlinePublication
February 12th -February 16thMonday February 19th 2018Wednesday February 21st 2018Thursday 22nd February 2018
February 19th - February 25thMonday February 26th 2018Wednesday February 28th 2018Thursday 1st March 2018
February 26th - March 4thMonday March 5th 2018Wednesday March 7th 2018Thursday 8th March 2018
March 5th - March 11thMonday March 12th 2018Wednesday March 14th 2018Thursday 15th March 2018


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