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News: Clinical Audit and Registries Management Service (CARMS)

Autumn 2017

The CARMS Autumn ebulletin is now available

The Diabetes Prevention Programme (DPP) Pilot Study published its findings on 20 October.  The National Diabetes Audit Core plans to include people with non-diabetic hyperglycaemia in future collections to allow important information about the uptake of the NHS DPP to be captured, along with whether people with non-diabetic hyperglycaemia go on to develop type 2 diabetes, and whether the prevention programme helped to reduce this risk and subsequent related complication.

The National Diabetes Footcare Audit (NDFA) published a Hospital Admissions Report on 12 October.  NDFA patients were linked to hospital admissions data in England and Wales for the first time.  The report includes analysis of hospital inpatient activity during the six months following first expert assessment by the specialist foot care service, such as: foot disease admissions, length of stay and amputation. 

The National Pregnancy in Diabetes Audit (NPID) published its Annual Report 2016 on 12 October.  The report looks at the quality of care and outcomes for women with pre-gestational diabetes who were pregnant in 2016.  It shows how well prepared women with diabetes have been for pregnancy over the last year, including information about whether they were taking folic acid, had good blood glucose and were avoiding harmful medications prior to pregnancy and any trends to birth outcomes for mother and baby.

In October, hospitals completed the National Diabetes Inpatient AuditHospital Characteristics form electronically for the first time.  There will be no patient experience collection next September as the bedside audit and patient experience surveys are being piloted in a new electronic form.  The audit is undertaking a Quality Improvement project.  If your hospital would like to be involved, please email

In September, the Clinical Audit Platform (CAP) User Group met for the second time.  If you would like to join the group, which meets once or twice a year, or provide feedback about CAP, please email  Over the summer, CAP users were invited to complete an online survey.  40 users completed the survey, representing 13 different collections.  The users gave CAP and overall rating of 6.9 out of 10. 

This year it became mandatory for services in England to complete the National Diabetes Audit Core and this summer the 2016-17 collection achieved it highest participation since the audit began in 2003.  The exact figures will be available in the full report on 10 November.

Increasing numbers of trusts are moving to email addresses.  Please remember that if your trust's email address protocols are changing, all CAP users will need to register a new Single Sign On and complete a new User Registration Form for Caldicott Guardian sign off.  If you need a form, visit the relevant collection's page.

CARMS eBulletin archive

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