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Monthly NHS Hospital and Community Health Service (HCHS) Workforce Statistics in England – July 2013, Provisional statistics

19:37 May 28, 2017 - 09:30 October 22, 2013
Publication date: October 22, 2013
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Users need to be aware of intended changes to the presentation of these statistics. For further information please read the "revisions and issues section" on page five of this month's bulletin.

This report revises the HEE timeseries figures for South West, Wessex and the three London HEE regions due to reallocation of a few organisations to different regions. This report also revises the Redundancy timeseries figures for every quarter to consistently apply the headcount methodology. Please see further information in the Revisions and Issues section (pages 5 and 6 of the main report).

Provisional monthly figures for headcount, full time equivalent, role count and turnover of NHS Hospital and Community Health Service (HCHS) staff groups working in England (excluding primary care staff).

As expected with provisional statistics, some figures may be revised from month to month as issues are uncovered and resolved. No refreshes of the provisional data will take place either as part of the regular publication process, or where minor enhancements to the methodology have an insignificant impact on the figures at a national level.

However, the provisional status allows for this to occur if it is determined that a refresh of data is required subsequent to initial release.  Where a refresh of data occurs, it will be clearly documented in the publications.

The monthly publication is an accurate summary of the validated data extracted from the NHS's HR and Payroll system. It has a provisional status as the data may change slightly over time where trusts make updates to their live operational systems. Given the size of the NHS workforce and the changing composition, particularly during this period of transition, it is likely that we will see some additional fluctuations in the workforce numbers over the next few months reflecting both national and local changes as a result of the NHS reforms.

We welcome feedback on the methodology and tables within this publication. Please email us with your comments and suggestions, clearly stating ‘Monthly HCHS Workforce' as the subject heading, via or 0845 300 6016.

Key facts

  • Provisional status
  • This is the latest publication of a monthly series of the Hospital and Community Health Services (HCHS) workforce statistics using data from the Electronic Staff Record (ESR). The figures do not include data for GPs and practice staff.
  • From July 2013 and monthly thereafter we are publishing an extra set of tables based on a new mandatory collection from Area Teams that collects additional Health Visitor workforce information. The collection includes those organisations that do not use ESR such as local authorities and social enterprises not currently captured in the existing monthly workforce publication. The publication of these extra Health Visitor focused numbers will exist as long as the specific collection exists. These tables were previously published from December 2012 to June 2013 by Commissioning Board Area Teams.
  • From July 2013 onwards we provided a regional timeseries based on the new Health Education England (HEE) regions to supplement the SHA regional timeseries. From September 2013 onwards we will only publish information based on the new HEE regions. Data will still be available for the old SHA regions on request.



Date Range: September 30, 2009 to July 31, 2013
Geographical coverage:
Geographical granularity:
NHS Trusts
Ambulance Trusts
Care Trusts
Mental Health Trusts
Primary Care Organisations
Hospital Trusts
Community health services
Hospital and Community Health Services
Regional health body
Primary Care Trusts
Clinical Commissioning Groups

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