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Sickness Absence Rates in the NHS - April to June 2013

15:43 September 23, 2017 - 09:30 October 23, 2013
Publication date: October 23, 2013
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This statistical bulletin relates to sickness absence rates for staff at NHS organisations on the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) between April and June 2013.

Key facts

  • Between April and June 2013 the average sickness absence rate for the NHS in England was 3.85 per cent, a decrease from the same period in 2012.
  • The North West HEE region had the highest average sickness absence rate for April - June 2013 at 4.37 per cent. North Central and East London HEE region had the lowest average at 3.14 per cent, although Special Health Authorities and other statutory bodies would have had the lowest rate (2.57 per cent) if classed as a region.
  • Ambulance Staff were the staff group with the highest average sickness absence rate for April – June 2013 with an average of 6.08 per cent. Medical and Dental Staff had the lowest average at 1.19 per cent.
  • Amongst types of organisation, Ambulance Trusts had the highest average sickness absence rate for April - June 2013 with an average of 5.71 per cent.  Clinical Commissioning Groups had the lowest average rate for this period, with a rate of 1.65 per cent.  Strategic Health Authorities and Primary Care Trusts have been excluded from this comparison but included in table 4, as the majority were dissolved in April 2013, and the remaining few are remnants within ESR as a result of transition, the aim is for these to be fully dissolved by September 2013.



Date Range: April 30, 2009 to June 30, 2013
Geographical coverage:
Geographical granularity:
Strategic Health Authorities
NHS Trusts
Ambulance Trusts
Mental Health Trusts
Primary Care Organisations
Hospital Trusts
Community health services
Primary Care Trusts
Clinical Commissioning Groups

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