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Annual uses of the Mental Health Act 1983 in English acute trusts (MHA_Acute)

(Previously the KP90 collection, BAAS Reference: R00093)               

Timetable for the change in data source

  • The KP90 collection has been retired. The November 2016 publication of 'Inpatients formally detained in hospitals under the Mental Health Act 1983 and patients subject to Supervised Community Treatment' will be the last official annual statistics report published using the KP90 collection as the data source.
  • For 2017 the Mental Health Service Dataset (MHSDS) will be the data source for these official annual statistics about uses of the Mental Health Act. The data is already being collected via monthly MHSDS submissions.
  • The scope of the MHSDS, introduced in January 2016, covers the services responsible for the majority of uses of the Mental Health Act. Separate arrangements are being developed for a reduced annual 2016/17 collection from acute hospitals that do not submit MHSDS.

Benefits of changing the way we collect this information

  • We have been working with data suppliers and expert users of the statistics to ensure that all the official figures can be produced from the new data source. MHSDS will also provide richer information to support better care, in line with the patient centred approach in NHS England's Five Year Forward View for Mental Health.
  • Further information about these changes can be found in the report 'Mental Health Act statistics: Improved reporting to support better care', which accompanies this year's official statistics release. We welcome suggestions about what other reports from the data would be useful.
  • As the MHSDS includes all the information manually collected via the KP90 retiring the KP90 collection removes the current duplication of effort, with a reduction in burden on the NHS.

Key messages for data suppliers

  • We are already producing monthly reports on people subject to the Mental Health Act at the end of the month at provider and CCG level in our Mental Health Services Monthly Statistics. We urge all providers to use these reports to monitor the accuracy of the information being submitted in MHSDS.
  • NHS Digital is actively monitoring the quality of information about uses of the Mental Health Act included in monthly MHSDS submissions. We will be working with other agencies, including the CQC and NHS England, to identify and address any issues with submissions.
  • We encourage those previously responsible for the KP90 collection, such as Mental Health Act administrators, and the information team responsible for submitting MHSDS to discuss how best to ensure that all the information required is included in monthly MHSDS submissions.
  • If you have any questions about submitting MHSDS please contact putting 'MHSDS submissions' in the subject line.

Key message for acute hospitals

  • In order to ensure that you receive updates about data collection arrangements for 2016/17 (this will be an annual collection) please contact putting 'Uses of the Mental Health Act in acute hospitals' in the subject line. There may be further changes to the way this information is collected in future.
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