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General Practice Forward View (GPFV)

Frequency: Quarterly

Background to the collection

In April 2016, the General Practice Forward View (GPFV) set out NHS England's approach to strengthening general practice. The GPFV included a number of commitments where routine data is not available to monitor progress in implementation and the impact on patients. This survey of CCGs aims to plug those information gaps and will collect data on an ongoing basis in areas such as online consultations, care co-ordination and access to general practice.

For the pilot data collection a small number of CCGs provided responses for the Access Activity section at an STP level. Although we understand this is how the scheme has been set up in some areas, given that funding is allocated at a CCG level, we require the data to be provided at this level. We suggest that where the scheme is delivered at an STP level, responses are provided at CCG level by apportioning the volumes (e.g. total number of additional minutes commissioned) across CCGs based on their registered population.

Providers will submit data via the Strategic Data Collection System (SDCS) portal. Once logged in to SDCS providers can submit data via the downloadable pro forma.

Launch and submission dates:

PeriodLaunch dateDeadline date
P11 September 201715 September 2017
P21 November 201714 November 2017
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