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NHS Drug and Device Terminology Review

What is the consultation?

This consultation invites responses as part of our follow up review of use of NHS drug dictionaries.

Why are we having this consultation?

We are consulting a wide a range of users and potential users of NHS drug dictionaries to help identify any barriers to trusts migrating to using dm+d by 2017 and to gain an understanding of the reliance on legacy NHS drug dictionaries (i.e., the Read Code Drug and Appliance Dictionary (DAAD)).

The key objectives of this review are to:

  • make sure that resources for NHS drug dictionary and terminology products that are in use and needed by the NHS, are used efficiently and effectively;
  • inform the Government's commitment to reduce the number of terminologies in use, allowing better integration between systems and across health and social care, which will in turn enable better information to support and improve quality of care; and
  • understand plans and timescales to move to the preferred terminology dm+d

How to respond

The consultation invites interested parties to complete the following online questionnaire, either individually or on behalf of their organisation, by 30 September 2013:

If you have a query regarding completing your response, or would like to discuss any issue in order to respond more constructively, contact:

Stuart Murphy

UK Terminology Centre

0113 397 3921

Publication of the consultation outcome

A report of the findings will be published on the UK Terminology Centre web pages and the information gathered will be used to shape and inform the maintenance of legacy products and resources.

Responses: confidentiality and disclaimer

The information you send us may be passed to colleagues within the HSCIC, other government departments or related agencies. Even where confidentiality is requested, if a request for disclosure of the consultation response is made in accordance with the Freedom of Information legislation, and the response is not covered by one of the exemptions in the legislation, the HSCIC may have to disclose the response, in whole or in part.

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