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Consultation on changes to the publication of General and Personal Medical Services Statistics, England

This consultation invites responses on proposed changes to the publication of numbers and details of GPs in England along with information about their practices, staff and patients.

What is this consultation?

Every March HSCIC produces a publication of General and Personal Medical Services statistics. This publication records numbers and details of GPs in England along with information on their practices, staff, patients, and the services they provide. This year we are asking for feedback on changes to this publication from both current and potential users.


Why did we have this consultation?

We consulted users on changes to the way the information used to produce these statistics are defined and presented. These changes will provide a clearer picture of the current and future workforce needs of general practice, meaning that service commissioners, providers and others can plan effectively, while patients and the public can be better informed of the current general practice workforce and how this compares with the past. We also captured users' requirements that will inform changes following the future development and implementation of the Workforce Minimum Dataset (wMDS). More information relating to wMDS can be found here. A letter detailing this collection was distributed to stakeholders on 20 October.

Summary of consultation

The purpose of this was to ask for your thoughts and opinions regarding:

  1. changes to the underlying methodology and categorisations
  2. changes to the content of summaries and commentary included within the publication
  3. increasing the statistics available on practice-based colleagues other than general practitioners, bringing them into line where possible with those produced for general practitioners
  4. changes to the frequency and timing of publication
  5. enhancements to the clarity, usability and relevance of the presentation of statistics.

Publication of the consultation outcome

The outcome of the consultation has been published.

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