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What HES data are available?

What data are in HES?

HES has details of all NHS admitted patient care, outpatient appointments and A&E attendances in England. It includes private patients treated in NHS hospitals, patients resident outside of England and care delivered by treatment centres (including those in the independent sector) funded by the NHS.

Each HES record contains a wide range of information about an individual patient admitted to an NHS hospital, including:

  • clinical information about diagnoses and operations
  • information about the patient, such as age group, gender and ethnicity
  • administrative information, such as time waited, and dates and methods of admission and discharge
  • geographical information such as where patients are treated and the area where they live.

It contains admitted patient care data from 1989 onwards, outpatient attendance data from 2003 onwards and A&E data from 2007 onwards.

NHS Maternity Statistics were previously produced and published by the Department of Health. Earlier versions can be located on their website. The NHS Maternity Statistics 2003-04 Publication is also available online

Standard publications

HES is a rich and detailed data set and we publish a number of standard analyses. You can download published data tables and analysis from our data catalogue.

An issue has been identified with the Monthly A&E CQI Publications from January 2015 onwards, whereby two service providers (AAH -  TETBURY HOSPITAL TRUST LTD & AD913 - BECKENHAM BEACON UCC) have been excluded from the report.

In both cases, the provider in question submitted data to NHS England sit-reps, but not to A&E HES.

As such, there is no change to the published data tables, but the two providers should be included in the list of NHS sit-rep providers not submitting to A&E HES in each month from Jan 2015 onwards.

Monthly topic of interest

To accompany the provisional monthly publication, each month we produce a topic of interest which focuses on an area of the HES data. This might be a disease or cause of admission to hospital, and typically presents information for two 12-month periods.

Users are welcome to suggest future HES topics of interest by emailing

Data Access Request Service

Given the huge number of combinations of fields within HES, it is only possible to publish a limited number of analyses. If you can't find the data that you need in the catalogue, our Data Access Request Service may be able to help. The service provides a range of standard and bespoke extracts and can also link HES to other sources of health data to give a wider picture of health and well being.

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Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)

Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) measure quality from the patient perspective. Currently covering four clinical procedures, PROMs calculate the health gain after surgical treatment using pre- and post-operative surveys.

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