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Data Coordination Board

Data Coordination Board activity

The Data Coordination Board (DCB) meets on a monthly basis to review and approve the assurance of information standards and data collections (including extractions), known collectively as ISCE. 

ISCE (both new and changes) are presented to DCB at:

  • Initial stage: an initial stage assessment report provides an overview of a proposal for a new, or change to an existing, ISCE and requests DCB approval to proceed with assurance of the ISCE
  • Final stage: a final stage assessment report summarises the assurance and appraisal activity that has been carried out against the ISCE and requests DCB final approval.

Following DCB approval of an item at 'Final' stage, publication documents for the ISCE will be issued. You can view recent publication activity on our publication pages.


ISCE currently undergoing assurance, presented by Data Coordination Board meeting date

The information below is updated on a monthly basis, following each DCB meeting. If you have any queries about any of the ISCE below please contact us at

DCB: 21 March 2018

DCB numberTitleISCEStageDescription

Owning organisation

Collecting organisation

Implementation date

Conformance date

DCB0139Genitourinary Medicine Clinic Activity DatasetStandard and a CollectionFinalUpdate to the standard, to introduce data about (a) behaviour and (b) use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

Public Health England

Public Health England

01 April 2018

30 August 2018

Publications pending

There are currently no ISCE pending publication.

You can view recent publication activity on our publication pages. If you would like to be kept informed of our publication activity you can join our mailing list.


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