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SCCI2035 Genetic Testing Rates

About this collection

This collection is to obtain information on the access to, and provision of, genetic testing for NHS patients, provided by UK Genetic Testing Network (UKGTN) member laboratories.

By calculating genetic testing rates for different healthcare populations in England (e.g. Clinical Commissioning Groups and Regions), the outputs from the data analysis aim to support commissioners in reviewing variation and taking action to improve access where required.

The collection was previously hosted on behalf of the UKGTN by NHS London. The collection is now being managed by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC).

This data collection has been accepted for inclusion on the HSCIC Assessed Collections List.

Current release

Release date19/08/2015
SCCI NumberSCCI2035
Release numberAmd 58/2015
Key documents
Supporting documents
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