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Assurance Certificates

Assurance Certificates are awarded to all information standards and data collections (known collectively as standards) that successfully meet the assurance quality criteria set by the Data Coordination Board (DCB). Where a standard has a Certificate, this means it has been evaluated as being fit for use, as specified in the assured and published documents.

Assurance Certificates were introduced in 2016 to provide a simple mechanism that the standard-owning organisation can use as evidence of quality and purpose. As well as the Certificate, the owning organisation is provided with an Assurance Mark, pdf icon and associated guidance [227kb], to support communications activity promoting the standard. Please note that neither the Certificate nor DCB Assurance Mark implies assurance of the owning organisation; they provide a statement of assurance specific to a standard.

See below for a list of all current Assurance Certificates issued by

  • the Data Coordination Board (DCB) (from April 2017)
  • the Standardisation Committee for Care Information (SCCI) (between April 2016 and March 2017). 

This list allows you to see whether:

  • an information standard or collection has been through an assurance process
  • the assurance certificate is still current, providing an indication of your requirement to:
    • implement an information standard
    • participate in a collection.

Each item on the list contains a link to the issued Assurance Certificate and further information for the item.

Note that items which are shown as 'Standards' or 'Standards and Collections' also have an Information Standards Notice (ISN) which can be viewed via the 'Information' link for each item.  

It is important to note that from April 2016:

  • Assurance Certificates have been issued for all items successfully assured and approved (by DCB) or accepted (by SCCI)
  • Information Standards Notices for collections are no longer published.

For a complete list of all current standards and collections, review our A-Z list.

If you have any queries about Assurance Certificates or Assurance Marks please contact us at

ReferenceTitleTypePublication dateAssurance Certificate
DCB3030 Amd 99/2017Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) 360ยบ Stakeholder surveyCollection09/03/2018

pdf icon Assurance Certificate [118kb]


DCB3019 Amd 3/2018General Practice Forward View monitoringCollection09/03/2018

pdf icon Assurance Certificate [113kb]


DCB3027 Amd 95/2017Dental Working Patterns surveyCollection09/03/2018

pdf icon Assurance Certificate [112kb]


DCB2096 Amd 2/2018CQC provider surveyCollection09/03/2018

pdf icon Assurance Certificate [110kb]


SCCI2132 Amd 128/2015Breast and Cosmetic Implant RegistryCollection09/03/2018

pdf icon Assurance Certificate [94kb]


DCB0086 Amd 58/2017Data Security and Protection ToolkitStandard08/03/2018

pdf icon Assurance Certificate [108kb]


DCB0090 Amd 81/2017Health and Social Care Organisation Reference DataStandard08/03/2018

pdf icon Assurance Certificate [118kb]


DCB0134 Amd 18/2017Surveillance of Healthcare Associated Infections, Version 3.0Standard and a Collection20/12/2017

pdf icon Assurance Certificate [415kb]


DCB2085 Amd 93/2017Patient-Led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE), 2018Collection20/12/2017

pdf icon Assurance Certificate [417kb]


SCCI2216 Amd 62/2016Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) Reporting System PilotCollection20/12/2017

pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [219kb]


DCB2090-2222 Amd 76/2017GPES: NHS Health ChecksExtraction20/12/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [447kb]
DCB0089 Amd 19/2017Cover of Vaccination Evaluated Rapidly (COVER), Version 2.0Standard and a Collection23/11/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [269kb]
SCCI2213 Amd 59/2016Out of Area PlacementsCollection06/11/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [159kb]
DCB1067 Amd 26/2017National Workforce Data Set, Version 2.9Standard26/10/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [263kb]
DCB1582 Amd 16/2017Electronic Yellow Card Reporting, Version 3.0Standard26/10/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [272kb]
DCB2053 Amd 73/2017Annual GP Practice electronic Self Declaration (eDEC)Collection26/10/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [261kb]
DCB2116 Amd 23/2017Cancer Patient Experience SurveyCollection18/10/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [106kb]
DCB0011 Amd 82/2016Mental Health Services Data Set, Version 3.0Standard and a Collection17/10/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [262kb]
DCB0147 Amd 89/2016National Cancer Waiting Times Monitoring Data Set, Version 2.0Standard and a Collection17/10/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [263kb]
DCB1521 Amd 74/2016Cancer Outcomes and Services Data Set, Version 8.0Standard and a Collection17/10/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [275kb]
DCB2094 Amd 51/2015Sexual Orientation MonitoringStandard17/10/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [292kb]
DCB1596 Amd 77/2016Secure EmailStandard17/10/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [262kb]
DCB2167 Amd 78/2017CCG Questionnaire Digital MaturityCollection17/10/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [262kb]
DCB2235-04 Amd 64/2017National Diabetes Inpatient AuditCollection17/10/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [264kb]
DCB2228 Amd 84/2016NHS 111 Minimum Data SetCollection02/10/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [261kb]
DCB2195 Amd 61/2017Childhood Influenza Vaccination Programme: Primary School Age ChildrenCollection02/10/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [264kb]
DCB2043 Amd 62/2017UK Severe Influenza Surveillance SystemCollection02/10/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [263kb]
DCB2205 Amd 67/2017Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Uptake (GP Patient) Survey (Adults)Collection02/10/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [263kb]
DCB2211 Amd 68/2017Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Uptake in Children (GP Patient) SurveyCollection02/10/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [263kb]
DCB2090-2058 Amd 70/2017GPES: Dementia DataExtraction02/10/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [264kb]
DCB3016 Amd 71/2017Third Next Appointment DataCollection02/10/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [265kb]
DCB0155 Amd 80/2015NHS Stop Smoking Service Quarterly Monitoring ReturnCollection01/09/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [185kb]
DCB1605 Amd 27/2017Accessible InformationStandard10/08/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [172kb]
DCB3006 Amd 28/2017Innovation and Technology Tariff Minimum Data SetCollection03/08/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [263kb]
DCB3007 Amd 30/2017Programme BudgetingCollection03/08/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [262kb]
SCCI2127 Amd 104/2015Early Intervention in Psychosis RTTCollection20/07/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [237kb]
SCCI2185 Amd 25/2016Children and Young People (CYP) with an Eating Disorder Referral to Treatment Times (RTT)Collection20/07/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [158kb]
SCCI2090-2206 Amd 50/2017GPES: Childhood Seasonal Influenza Vaccination ProgrammeExtraction17/07/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [236kb]
SCCI2090-2207 Amd 69/2017GPES: Seasonal Influenza Vaccination ProgrammeExtraction17/07/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [236kb]
SCCI2176 Amd 35/2017HPV Booster Vaccination Programme (CQRS)Extraction14/07/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [238kb]
SCCI2178 Amd 36/2017Hepatitis B (new born) Babies Vaccination Programme (CQRS)Extraction14/07/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [238kb]
SCCI2179 Amd 37/2017Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Vaccination Programme (CQRS)Extraction14/07/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [237kb]
SCCI2090-2183 Amd 38/2017GPES: Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF)Extraction14/07/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [235kb]
SCCI2177 Amd 39/2017Meningococcal Booster Vaccination Programme (CQRS)Extraction14/07/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [237kb]
SCCI2090-2180 Amd 40/2017GPES: Pertussis in Pregnant Women Vaccination ProgrammeExtraction14/07/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [235kb]
SCCI2090-2187 Amd 41/2017GPES: Meningococcal B Vaccination ProgrammeExtraction14/07/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [235kb]
SCCI2090-2190 Amd 42/2017GPES: Alcohol Related Risk Reduction SchemeExtraction14/07/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [235kb]
SCCI2090-2191 Amd 43/2017GPES: Learning Disabilities Health Check SchemeExtraction14/07/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [235kb]
SCCI2225 Amd 44/2017PCV HIB MenC Vaccination ProgrammeExtraction14/07/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [238kb]
SCCI2090-2133 Amd 47/2017GPES: Meningococcal ACWY Vaccination ProgrammeExtraction14/07/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [158kb]
SCCI2090-2181 Amd 45/2017GPES: Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccination ProgrammeExtraction14/07/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [235kb]
SCCI2090-2182 Amd 46/2017GPES: Rotavirus (routine childhood immunisation) Vaccination ProgrammeExtraction14/07/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [235kb]
SCCI2090-2208 Amd 48/2017GPES: Shingles (catch up aged 78) Vaccination ProgrammeExtraction14/07/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [236kb]
SCCI2090-2209 Amd 49/2017GPES: Shingles (routine aged 70) Vaccination ProgrammeExtraction14/07/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [235kb]
DCB3014 Amd 60/2017Learning Disability Transformation IndicatorsCollection13/07/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [262kb]
DCB2196 Amd 40/2016British Society of Surgery of the Hand (BSSH) AuditCollection06/07/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [263kb]
SCCI1518 Amd 92/2015Sexual and Reproductive Health Activity DatasetStandard and a Collection03/07/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [233kb]
DCB2090-3010 Amd 34/2017General Medical Services (GMS)/ Personal Medical Services (PMS) Core Contract Data CollectionExtraction23/06/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [272kb]
DCB2090-2232 Amd 33/2017Indicators no longer in QOFExtraction22/06/2017pdf icon Assurance Certificate [272kb]
SCCI1069 Amd 57/2016Community Services Data Set (CSDS)Standard and a Collection21/04/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [241kb]
SCCI2236 Amd 7/2017GP Workload ToolCollection21/04/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [242kb]
SCCI2235-01 Amd 86/2016National Diabetes Audit (Core)Collection21/04/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [247kb]
SCCI2235-02 Amd 8/2017National Pregnancy in Diabetes AuditCollection21/04/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [263kb]
SCCI2235-03 Amd 9/2017National Diabetes Footcare AuditCollection21/04/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [243kb]
SCCI2193 Amd 30/2016Prevent Training ReportsCollection20/04/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [255kb]
SCCI0052 Amd 13/2013Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (dm+d)Standard20/04/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [242kb]
SCCI0092-2062 Amd 17/2015Commissioning Data Sets (CDS) Version 6.2: Addition of Type 011: Emergency Care Data Set (ECDS)Standard and a Collection19/04/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [245kb]
SCCI2239 Amd 10/2017CQUIN 2017-19 Consolidated Data CollectionCollection07/04/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [243kb]
SCCI2083 Amd 6/2017Estates Return Information Collection (ERIC)Collection04/04/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [246kb]
SCCI2090-2144 Amd 87/2015Patient Objections ManagementExtraction15/03/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [170kb]
SCCI2154 Amd 1/2017Surplus Land for HousingCollection07/03/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [187kb]
SCCI2223 Amd 77/2016Annual uses of the Mental Health Act 1983 in English acute trustsCollection03/03/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [201kb]
SCCI2169 Amd 8/2016Personal Social Services Survey of Adult Carers in EnglandCollection03/01/2017pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [34kb]
SCCI2221 Amd 73/2016Conflict of Interest IndicatorCollection08/12/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [110kb]
SCCI0034 Amd 35/2016SNOMED CTStandard03/11/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [130kb]
SCCI2075 Amd 70/2016Assessment, Discharge and Withdrawal Notices between Hospitals and Social ServicesStandard03/11/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [129kb]
SCCI1570 Amd 20/2015HIV and AIDs Reporting System (HARS): ChangeStandard and a Collection01/11/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [115kb]
SCCI2112 Amd 32/2015FGM Risk Indication System (FGM RIS) - Local System IntegrationStandard20/10/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [170kb]
SCCI0084 Amd 105/2015OPCS Classification of Interventions and ProceduresStandard20/10/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [115kb]
SCCI2135 Amd 69/2015Adult Social Care Finance ReturnCollection12/10/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [129kb]
SCCI2143 Amd 86/2015National Minimum Dataset for Social CareCollection12/10/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [129kb]
SCCI2150 Amd 90/2015Adult Social Care - Deferred Payment Agreements CollectionCollection12/10/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [130kb]
SCCI2101 Amd 114/2015Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS), under the Mental Capacity Act 2005, Data CollectionCollection12/10/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [53kb]
SCCI2161 Amd 124/2015Short and Long Term ReturnCollection12/10/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [129kb]
SCCI2172 Amd 11/2016Safeguarding Adults Collection (SAC)Collection12/10/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [134kb]
SCCI2214 Amd 60/2016Primary care extended accessCollection06/10/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [187kb]
SCCI1577 Amd 10/2011Diagnostic Imaging Data SetStandard and a Collection05/10/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [107kb]
SCCI2197 Amd 41/2016Primary Care Commissioning ActivityCollection15/09/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [115kb]
SCCI0076 Amd 113/2015Paediatric Critical Care Minimum Data SetStandard and a Collection08/09/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [114kb]
SCCI0075 Amd 112/2015Neonatal Critical Care Minimum Data SetStandard and a Collection08/09/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [115kb]
SCCI0090 Amd 24/2015Health and Social Care Organisation Reference DataStandard18/08/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [240kb]
SCCI2192 Amd 34/2016Prevent - Anti Radicalisation Training QuestionnaireCollection03/08/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [115kb]
SCCI2099 Amd 97/2015Digital Maturity DatasetCollection25/07/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [115kb]
SCCI2163 Amd 132/2015Weekly Diagnostic Activity CollectionCollection25/07/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [115kb]
SCCI2166 Amd 5/2016GP Access FundCollection25/07/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [170kb]
SCCI2039 Amd 27/2016Fill Rate Indicator Return, Staffing-nursing, Midwifery and Care StaffCollection25/07/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [171kb]
SCCI2194 Amd 38/2016NHS Pharmaceutical Services PHS1Collection05/07/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [116kb]
SCCI2090-2200 Amd 44/2016GPES: Avoiding Unplanned AdmissionsExtraction05/07/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [116kb]
SCCI2199 Amd 43/2016Patient Objections Management (non GPES sites)Collection05/07/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [115kb]
SCCI2173 Amd 12/2016Seven Day Services SurveyCollection25/06/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [115kb]
SCCI2090-2189 Amd 32/2016GPES: Named Accountable GPExtraction27/05/2016pdf icon SCCI Assurance Certificate [174kb]
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