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Assurance Certificates

Assurance Certificates are awarded to all information standards and data collections (known collectively as standards) that successfully meet the assurance quality criteria. Where a standard has a Certificate, this means it has been evaluated as being fit for use, as specified in the assured and published documents.

Assurance Certificates were introduced in 2016 to provide a simple mechanism that the standard-owning organisation can use as evidence of quality and purpose. As well as the Certificate, the owning organisation is provided with an Assurance Mark to support communications activity promoting the standard.

A list of all published Assurance Certificates, including links to assured documentation, can be found in the Directory of Standards and Collections:

Note that the Register only includes items accepted since April 2016. For a complete list of all current standards and collections, review the full Directory.

If you have any queries about Assurance Certificates please contact us at 

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