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Community Information Data Set

About this information standard

The Community Information Data Set (CIDS) has been replaced by the Community Services Data Set (CSDS).

Introduced in August 2011 to provide national definitions for secondary uses community data, CIDS has only ever been used to support local monitoring and reporting. There has never been any national flow of the data.

Following confirmation of a policy need to collect system-wide community activity data on a national basis, the decision has been made to consolidate CIDS into the Children and Young People's Health Services (CYPHS) data set (SCCI1069), given the close alignment of the two data sets. Removal of the age limit in the CYPHS data set will enable capture of data relating to all patients in contact with publicly-funded Community Services. The consolidated standard has been renamed: Community Services Data Set.

The Information Standards Notice provides confirmation of the retirement of this standard from 1 October 2017:

Previous release (withdrawn from 1 October 2017)

Release date19/08/2015
Release numberAmd 2/2015
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