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Diagnostic Imaging Data Set

About this information standard

The Diagnostic Imaging Data set (DID) is a central collection of detailed information about diagnostic imaging tests carried out on NHS patients, to be extracted and submitted monthly. It captures information about referral source and patient type, details of the test (type of test and body site), demographic information such as GP registered practice, patient postcode, ethnicity, gender and date of birth, plus items about waiting times for each diagnostic imaging event, from time of test request through to time of reporting.

Note that this information standard, formerly approved by the Information Standards Board for Health and Social Care (ISB), has been assured by SCCI as suitable for publication under section 250 of the Health and Social Care Act 2012. While no changes have been made to the content of the standard, the key documents below have been updated to reflect the owning organisation's branding guidelines.


Release date05/10/2016
Release numberAmd 10/2011
Release titleInitial Standard: Conversion
Key documents
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