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NCMP IT System

Delivery of the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) is a statutory public health function of local authorities.

The NCMP system is a browser based online system and includes an updated offline data collection tool to allow for offline electronic capture of measurements at the point of measurement for easy transfer into the online system. The system incorporates validation at the point of data entry and provides a secure environment according to NHS standards in which pupil identifiable records can be processed and stored.

Access the NCMP IT System

The NCMP IT System can be accessed at:  If you don't yet have an account, you can create one here.

Your log in details will remain unchanged, however if you have mislaid your details, please follow the instructions on the log in page or contact (or 0300 303 5678) who will assist you further.

The deadline for submitting and finalising 2017/18 data is close of business on Monday 13 August 2018.

For ease of use, all NCMP account holders will remain attributed to their respective roles and local authorities from last year, however due to the annual revised school list for the new school year, and information governance protocols, each account holder will need to be reassigned their provider organisation (if applicable) and the schools they need access to.

If you are the primary super user / NCMP Lead for your local authority but are due to leave your role, please ensure you transfer your access rights to your replacement, or to an appropriate colleague if your replacement has yet to be appointed, by assigning them the super user role and all schools. Access to the NCMP IT system is controlled at a local authority level. The local authority is responsible for allowing users access to the system where there is a clear business need and in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998.

If the primary super user has already left the organisation without handing over their access rights, please organise for your director of public health to nominate another primary super user by emailing a request and including the following details of the user: name, local authority, job title, email address and telephone number

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to a number of pdf icon frequently asked questions [297kb] have been developed. These give further information about the NCMP IT system.

Reference Data

Information contained within the xls icon reference data [68kb] tables will provide details of any codes you may need.

NCMP IT System Guidance

NCMP IT system - system overview and requirements

pdf icon Setting Up User Accounts [1Mb]

Setting Up User Accounts - Interactive

pdf icon Setting Up Schools List [995kb]

Setting up schools - interactive

pdf icon Pupil Data Management [2Mb]

Pupil data management - interactive

pdf icon Generating Feedback Letters [3Mb]

Generating feedback letters - interactive

pdf icon Progress and Data Quality Monitoring [493kb]

pdf icon Progress and Data Quality Monitoring - Interactive [517kb]

pdf icon Data Submission [714kb]

pdf icon Enhanced dataset user guide [195kb]

Parental Feedback templates

Please read system guidance 'Generating Feedback Letters' which outlines the steps required to configure the template documents for local use.

word icon NEW NCMP results letter template [31kb]

word icon OLD NCMP results letter template [196kb]

csv icon Example Pupil Feedback CSV File [1kb]

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