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National Diabetes Audit

The National Diabetes Audit (NDA) is the one of the largest annual clinical audits in the world, integrating data from both primary and secondary care sources, making it the most comprehensive audit of its kind.

To find out more about the NDA Programme check out this short presentation, or view a power point presentation here     

Latest Reports

National Diabetes Audit Report 1 Care Processes and Treatment Targets 2016-17 - Full report

The National Diabetes Audit Care Processes and Treatment Targets 2016-17 Full Report has now been published and can be accessed here.

This full report details the findings for the 2016-17 audit. The audit collected data during the Summer of 2017, for the period 1 January 2016 to 31 March 2017 and contains the full key findings, recommendations, case-mix adjusted results and banding for performance, ranking of practices within CCGs, results of analysis for multiple readings, and information for learning disability and severe mental illness.

National Diabetes Audit Report 1 Care Processes and Treatment Targets 2016-17

A short report for the NDA 16-17 collection was published on the 10 November 2017. This is a small national report accompanied by GP, CCG, LHB and specialist service level data.

The link to the short report is here.

The National Diabetes Audit Insulin Pump Report 2015-16

The Insulin Pump Audit collects information on the number of people with diabetes using an insulin pump, the reason for going on an insulin pump and the outcomes achieved since starting the pump. The report and supporting documentation is available here.

National Diabetes Audit Complications and Mortality 2015-2016 Report

This report, Report 2a and an accompanying Report 2b, from the National Diabetes Audit (NDA) covers complications of diabetes. The reports and supporting documentation are available here 

For the audit reports for previous audit years please check out the link on the right hand side "Access the audit reports" including patient friendly versions of the reports.

National Diabetes Audit 2017-18 collection

For information on how the collection for 2017-18 is taking place, please see the link to the NDA Collection webpage.

Who manages the audit?

The National Diabetes Audit (NDA) is managed under an agreement by the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) on behalf of NHS England and the Welsh Government. The NDA is delivered by NHS Digital (previously known as 'the Health and Social Care Information Centre, HSCIC'), in partnership with Diabetes UK and the National Cardiovascular Intelligence Network (part of Public Health England).

What does the NDA measure?

The National Diabetes Audit is a major national clinical audit which measures the effectiveness of diabetes healthcare against NICE Clinical Guidelines and NICE Quality Standards, in England and Wales. The NDA collects and analyses data for use by a range of stakeholders to drive changes and improvements in the quality of services and health outcomes for people with diabetes.

The NDA answers five key questions: -

  • Is everyone with diabetes diagnosed and recorded on a practice diabetes register?
  • What percentage of people registered with diabetes received the nine National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) key processes of diabetes care?
  • What percentage of people registered with diabetes achieved NICE defined treatment targets for glucose control, blood pressure and blood cholesterol?
  • What percentage of people registered with diabetes are offered and attend a structured education course?
  • For people with registered diabetes what are the rates of acute and long term complications (disease outcomes)?

Aims and Objectives

The NDA supports improvement in the quality of diabetes care by enabling participating NHS services and organisations to:

  • assess local practice against NICE guidelines
  • compare their care and care outcomes with similar services and organisations
  • identify gaps or shortfalls that are priorities for improvement
  • identify and share best practice
  • provide comprehensive national pictures of diabetes care and outcomes in England and Wales

Through participation in the audit, local services are able to benchmark their performance and identify where they are performing well and improve the quality of treatment and care they provide.

A Quality Improvement Toolkit has been developed in collaboration with the RCGP to help practices use their diabetes data to improve services

Analysing your data

The Audit reports will provide you with information on:

  • Audit participation in primary and secondary care

National Information for:

  • Prevalence
  • Care process completion
  • Treatment target achievement (HbA1c, blood pressure, cholesterol)
  • Referral and attendance at structured education
  • Comparisons for people with a learning disability compared to their peers
  • Comparisons for people with a severe mental illness compared to their peers
  • Complication rates (cardiovascular, amputations, ketoacidosis episodes)

Local level information is also available for: -

  • Registrations
  • Demographic distributions for age, diabetes type, social deprivation, ethnicity)
  • Complications
  • Care process completion
  • Treatment target achievement

Data Access Requests

If you require access to the NDA dataset, please contact to discuss your application.

Use of Audit Tools and Documentation Outside of the Clinical Audit

You hereby agree that in downloading or using the documents or tools on this web page for any use outside of the project for which it was developed, you are entering into a royalty free, non-exclusive, licence agreement with the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership under the following Terms and Conditions:
All information, software, products and related graphics contained in the audit tool or data collection form are provided for non commercial purposes  "as is" without warranty, including but not limited to the implied warranties of satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement of third party intellectual property rights. In no event shall HQIP be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages for loss of profits, revenue, data or use incurred by you or any third party, whether in action in contract, tort, or otherwise, arising from your access to, or use of, the audit tool or form. HQIP make no representations about the suitability, reliability, or timeliness, and accuracy of the information, software, products and related graphics contained in the audit tool or forms. HQIP reserves the right to make improvements, changes or updates to forms or tools at any time without notice.

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