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National Diabetes Audit Collection

The National Diabetes Audit (NDA) is the one of the largest annual clinical audits in the world, integrating data from both primary and secondary care sources, making it the most comprehensive audit of its kind.

National Diabetes Audit Collection - What you need to know

Keeping up to date with the latest information about the audit collections

So that the team can keep you up to date with the latest information about the audit, please make sure we have your latest contact details. You can register your details with the NDA team, please include the following: - name, email address, job title, organisation, organisation code, clinical system (if applicable).

Important Information

The legal basis by which the data for the NDA is collected has changed. Since May 2017, NHS England direct NHS Digital to collect, analyse and report the NDA data.

The new legal basis for data to be collected by the NDA (Direction under section 254 of the Health and Social Care Act 2012), means that GP practices and specialist services are required to supply the data for their practice or diabetes clinic.

2017-18 collection

The 2017-18 collection for the NDA will incorporate information about people with non-diabetic hyperglycaemia. A pilot was carried out with 22 GP practices in England to understand the quality of information for people diagnosed with non-diabetic hyperglycaemia held within GP practices. The aim was to help inform the specification development for the NDA.

More information about the pilot, which was published on 20 October 2017, can be found on the webpage here.

The collection for 2017-18 will form part of the GP contract and the extraction for GP practices will be via the GP Extraction Service. Practices will still need to opt in to the collection via CQRS, but then the data will automatically be taken. The first collection is scheduled to take place in March 2018.

Participation reports 17-18

We are sending out participation reports to CCG and Clinical Network contacts to indicate which practices have opted in to the new GPES extraction service for the NDA report.

The first of these reports were sent out on 30 January, with further reports to follow on 13 February and 27 February.

If you would like to know more about the Business Rules for the 2017-18 collection or more about what data items we are collecting, please see the Business Rules document on the right hand side of this page.

Data Extractions

We will be extracting data for 2017-18 in March 18, however this will not be published, it is just a test to make sure practices know we have changed the collection method and we can make sure the data quality is good, before taking the final, end of year data in May 2018. The annual report will follow in December 2018.

From 2018-19 the data will then be extracted quarterly. The provisional timetable for collection and reporting is:

Extract August 2018 (data for 1 Jan to 30 June) publish progress report November 18

Extract November 2018 (data for 1 Jan to 30 Sept) publish progress report January 2019

Extract February 2019 (data for 1 Jan to 31 Dec) publish progress report April 2019

Extract May 2019 (data for full audit period) publish full end of year report December 2019

Use of Audit Tools and Documentation Outside of the Clinical Audit

You hereby agree that in downloading or using the documents or tools on this web page for any use outside of the project for which it was developed, you are entering into a royalty free, non-exclusive, licence agreement with the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership under the following Terms and Conditions:
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