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Consultation on the Present on Admission (POA) List and Guidance

Present on admission consultation closed

The Present on Admission consultation exercise is now closed.

Responses already submitted are currently being considered by the POA Expert Reference Group.

A summary of the responses will be published on the HSCIC website after being analysed by the Expert Reference Group. This will not identify individuals by name but will identify the organisations that they represent where applicable.

Once published the subset of POA conditions and guidance can be used to capture the Present on Admission Indicator and submit this through Commissioning Data Sets (CDS) v6.2 on an optional basis in line with the approved Information Standard:


POA Questions

If you have questions or suggestions regarding Present on Admission you can still send an email to with the subject heading clearly stating "Present on Admission" in the subject line.


Responses: confidentiality and disclaimer

The information you send us may be passed to colleagues within the HSCIC, other government departments or related agencies. Even where confidentiality is requested, if a request for disclosure of the consultation response is made in accordance with the Freedom of Information legislation, and the response is not covered by one of the exemptions in the legislation, the HSCIC may have to disclose the response, in whole or in part.

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