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Numbers of Patients Registered at a GP Practice - June 2017

13:05 September 24, 2017 - 09:30 June 13, 2017
Publication date: June 13, 2017
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PLEASE NOTE: On 19th June 2017 STP figures in the resource files were corrected after errors were identified in the numbers initially published on 13th June 2017. Figures for all other organisational levels were not changed.

Following the consultation on the proposal to stop producing this report, it has been confirmed that this report will continue to be produced by NHS Digital albeit in a revised format and on a monthly basis. Quarterly publications in January, April, July and October will include Lower Layer Super Output Area (LSOA) populations and a topic of interest.

Data are extracted each month as a snapshot in time from the GP Payments system maintained by NHS Digital. This release is an accurate snapshot as at 1 June 2017.

Since April 2014, geographical references have been taken from 2011 census information.

GP Practice; Sustainability and transformation partnership (STP); Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG); NHS England Region and NHS England Commissioning Region level data are released in single year of age (SYOA) and 5-year age bands, both of which finish at 95+, split by gender.

Additional guidance has been included in this publication to show how the new datasets can be used.

New Health Geography structure:

Please note that this publication reflects NHS England’s health geography structure as at 1 April 2017.

This includes the move of 32 practices from NHS Cumbria CCG (01H)  to NHS Lancashire North CCG (01K) additional information can be found at: also NHS Lancashire North CCG has changed its name to NHS Morecambe Bay CCG (01K) although the CCG code will remain the same. In addition, from this month’s publication onwards - the ONS CCG code for NHS Cumbria CCG has changed from E38000041 to E38000215 and for NHS Morecambe Bay CCG from E38000093 to E38000216.

Roundwell Medical Centre (D82023) GP practice has changed its CCG parent from NHS South Norfolk CCG (06Y) to NHS Norwich CCG (06W).

NHS Central Manchester (00W), NHS North Manchester (01M) and NHS South Manchester (01N) have combined to form NHS Manchester CCG with a new code of 14L.

Key facts

Extracted from NHS Digital maintained GP Payments system (Open Exeter).

GP Practices are matched to Organisational Data Services reference data.


Geographical coverage:

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