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Social care collection materials 2019

For any enquiries regarding our Social care collections, please contact us via our contact centre or call on 0300 303 5678, for the attention of the adult social care statistics team.

Collections for the 2018-19 reporting year.   

Equalities and Classifications Framework (EQ-CL)

To accompany the ASC-FR, SALT and SAC collections.

pdf icon EQ-CL_2018-19_Framework [955kb]

This version was released in September 2017

Short and Long Term Support (SALT)

This now includes SSDA902 Registers of People who are Blind or Partially Sighted Return although the data was collected in respect of 2016-17 and is next expected to be collected in respect of 2019-20.

pdf icon SALT 2018-19 Guidance [1Mb]

This version of the guidance document contains all mandatory data recording changes for 2018-19. Further edits of the document will be restricted to reporting changes (those that affect the tables in the data return but have no impact on data recording/collection requirements), changes to voluntary data, correction of any errors identified, formatting, and layout enhancements.

xls icon SALT 2018-19 data return v0.1 [235kb]

These documents were released in September 2017.

Adult Social Care Finance Return (ASC-FR)

pdf icon ASC-FR Guidance 2018-19 [565kb]

xls icon ASC-FR Proforma 2018-19 [2Mb]

These documents were released in September 2017.

Deferred Payments Agreements (DPA)

pdf icon DPA Guidance 2018-19 [582kb]

xls icon DPA_return_201819 [406kb]

This pro-forma was released in September 2017.

Safeguarding Adults Collection (SAC)

pdf icon SAC Guidance 2018-19 v1 [542kb]

This guidance was released in September 2017

xls icon SAC_Proforma_2018-19_v1.0 [92kb]

These documents were released in September 2017

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) Return, under the Mental Capacity Act 2005

Guidance document

pdf icon Information_and_Guidance_for_the_Deprivation_of_Liberty_Safeguards_2018-19 [443kb]

Data return template

xls icon Deprivation_of_Liberty_Safeguards_Return_Data_Template_2018-19_v1.0 [3Mb]

These documents were published in September 2017.

SSDA702 Guardianship Return, under the Mental Health Act 1983

The Guardianship collection has now changed to a biennial collection and, as outlined in the Social Care letter to councils issued in September 2016 (see it here), there was no data collection in April 2017 for 2016-17 data. The next data return will be in April 2018 and will collect data for both years 2016-17 and 2017-18 on the same data template. Details about the data collection can be found on the Social Care collection materials 2018 web page (here).

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