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Consultation on Adult Social Care Outputs from the National Returns

This consultation is now closed

Many thanks to all who responded to this consultation.

The results and recommendations can be found on the Social care collections 2015 page.

What is this consultation?

This consultation is about requirements for the outputs of the new Short and Long Term Support (SALT) collection, and the new Adult Social Care Finance Return (ASC-FR) collection. The consultation also seeks to capture information about how some of our other reports on Guardianship, Workforce and Registered Blind and Partially Sighted People are used. Additionally, the consultation also seeks to capture user views and future requirements for outputs of the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF).

Why are we having this consultation?

The purpose of this consultation is to engage with users of the data and to gather opinion to shape outputs of these collections for the future. This will help to ensure that the outputs will continue to provide the information needed for the effective delivery of adult social care services now and in the future.

Summary of consultation

In May 2013, we announced the new SALT and ASC-FR returns, which are underpinned by a new Equalities and Classifications Framework (EQ-CL) - documentation for SALT, ASC-FR and EQ-CL are available on the Social care collections 2015 webpage. This consultation will capture requirements for the outputs of these new collections. In the first instance this will allow us to set the publication dates for the 2014-15 data and plan initial outputs for the first year of the new reports. The background to and questions asked in the consultation are available to view in the consultation document.

How to respond

This consultation is open to anyone, whether as an individual or representing an organisation. We are looking for the views of all stakeholders for this data. The preferred method for responding to this consultation is via the Survey Monkey questionnaire. Responses to and comments on this consultation may also be made by telephone or post (please see the full consultation document for further details).

This consultation will be open from 23 September for seven weeks, closing on 12 November 2014. If you have any queries regarding the completion of this survey or any issues not covered by this survey then please contact us at

Documents/links accompanying this consultation

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