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What's New

February 2018


Undischarged Patients on PbR Extracts

There are now a new set of extracts available to users of PbR data. The new extracts include episode data where the patient is not discharged at the time that the extract is run (otherwise known as Open Spells).

When requesting extracts if users select the "Plus" versions, the extract will contain episode data for both the discharged and undischarged patients.

There is a new field at the end of the Plus extracts, "Open Spell Indicator", that can be used to identify records related to patients that have not yet been discharged.

A new version of the extract specification has also been published. Please note that the only amendment is the addition of the new field above. All other fields remain the same.

Handling Patient Confidential Data in CDS Submissions


The SUS+ team has published a revised version of the guidance regarding "Submitting CDS data to SUS" on

This document now contains explicit requirements to improve the confidentiality of the patient in submitted CDS data.   

This specifically relates to the secure handling of Patient Confidential Data (PCD). 

Failure to comply with this guidance may in the future result in the rejection of interchanges submitted to SUS+.

January 2018

SUS+ Commissioner Assignment Method Implementation


The SUS+ team has completed development of the initial 2017/18 Commissioner Assignment Method (CAM) algorithm.

The algorithm has been developed collaboratively with NHS England colleagues.

Two new fields have been added to each of the main PbR extracts (Admitted Patient Care, Outpatients, Emergency Medicine and Emergency Care Data Set). 

These fields reflect the Commissioner Organisation Code as derived using the CAM algorithm and the identifier of the algorithm step that produced the result. 

Updated extract specifications and full documentation of the algorithm applied by SUS are available on the SUS PbR webpage here

The documentation of the algorithm clearly identifies any elements of the NHSE guidance that are not yet accommodated in the SUS+ implementation.

The SUS+ CAM guidance can be found here: CAM Interactive 1718 v1.0 [253kb]

The SUS+ team will continue to work in consultation with NHSE to extend the coverage of the algorithm.  Work needs to be done to compare NCDR CAM and SUS+ CAM to understand and, if necessary, deal with any differences. 

This will be progressed over the coming weeks.  The ambition is to adopt a single CAM within SUS+ and NCDR. 

In 2018/19 it is planned that the CAM derived organisation will become one of the core 'reasons for access' and so will also determine who has legitimate access to data.

SUS+ provides the national view of hospital CDS activity and tariff, utilising national reference data. The SUS+ CAM derivation is available to be used to support local commissioning.

December 2017

SUS+ 2018-19 Submission Timetable published


The SUS+ 2018-19 Submission Timetable has been published on the SUS PbR Guidance webpages.

The timetable contains details of 2018-19 financial year submission and publication dates for Reconciliation, Post-Reconciliation, HES deadlines and Annual HES Refresh inclusion dates.

SUS+ missing SNOMED codes


SUS+ has inadvertently omitted 12 SNOMED CT codes from the set of valid codes checked by the SUS+ system when processing ECDS records. 

SUS+ will erroneously identify these codes as invalid and will not include them extracts.  The absence of these codes will have no impact on PbR derivations. 

SUS+ will be updated with the missing codes listed below on 4 January 2018. 

EC INJ MECHANISM - 1083281000000107, 385513001
EC INJ INTENT - 1082491000000103, 1082501000000109
EC INJ DRUG ALCOHOL - 1079751000000104
EC INJ ACIVITY STATUS - 1067601000000108, 1079831000000100, 1079841000000109, 1080071000000105, 1080091000000109
EC INJ ACITIVITY - 1082511000000106
EC DISCHARGE STATUS - 812481000000104

We apologise for any inconvenience this oversight has caused. 

Consultation Legally Restricted Code List


The Consultation Legally Restricted code list implemented in SUS+ on 7 December 2017, is now available on the SUS guidance webpage.

Consultation_Legally_Restricted_Codes [100kb]

SUS+ Re-admissions extract


Re-admissions extracts are now available in SUS+ as a BETA development.

The Re-admissions view will be populated over the weekend of 16/17 December 2017.

The extracts will return an error until the view is populated and users are requested to not execute the extracts until Monday 18 December 2017.

For subsequent months the Re-admissions views will be populated several days after each inclusion deadline.

November 2017

ECDS Full CSV Extract


The ECDS Full Backwards Compatible CSV extracts are now available for care providers on SUS+. 

NHS Digital has not, as yet, received approval to share the full ECDS data with CCGs. 

DSCROs are therefore requested to contact Stuart Richardson (SUS+ IAO) to agree processes prior to downloading the full ECDS backwards compatible data.

When creating an extract the EC Backwards Compatible option will be available for any of the three PbR views.  There are no ECDS extracts available from the Standard Extract Mart view. 

The format of the EC_CDS621 and EC_CDS621_Supplementary extracts are available in the "PbR Extract Specificaton" guide posted on the PbR Guidance page. 

All other extracts in the set are backwards compatible and retain the format and contents of the original extract.

Screenshots of the Extract Creation and Extract Download screens are included in the release notes.

SUS+ Weekly Release


SUS+ weekly release scheduled for Thursday 23 November 2017, has been re-scheduled for Saturday 25 Novermber 2017.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

SUS+ Service Migration


During the weekend of 4 and 5 November 2017 the SUS+ service will migrate from one of its data centres to another. 

This is to be regular activity going forward in the provision of SUS+.

These data centres have unique IP addresses as detailed in the SUS+ Portal and EDT configuration guides available below.

These IP addresses are managed by NHS Digital using DNS records, users should ensure that they can connect to the IP addresses through their local network/firewall configuration.

SUS+ Portal Access Configuration Guide v2.3 [212kb]

SUS+ EDT Configuration Guide v1.0 [186kb]

2017 SUS User Satisfaction Survey


This year's SUS User Satisfaction Survey is now available via email invitation. If you would like to participate in the survey, please email

Your contribution to this survey is key in aiding our future delivery of the SUS service.

October 2017

18/10/2017 Inclusion Processing Update


All extracts submitted over the inclusion period have completed overnight.

September 2017

19/09/2017 Inclusion Processing Update


All extracts submitted over the inclusion period have completed overnight.

19/09/2017 Inclusion Processing Update


Month 5 PbR (Payment By Results) processing completed within 4 hours of Inclusion.

SEM (Standard Extract Mart) processing is still in progress.

SUS+ uses a single queue system and we are aware that a number of DSCROs (Data Services for Commissioners Regional Offices) and CSUs (Commissioning Support Unit) still have SEM extracts waiting to be processed.

We will provide a further update on Friday morning 22 September.

August 2017

SUS+ Interchange processing


SUS+ interchange processing has been frozen from midday Tuesday 29 August 2017 until the afternoon of Thursday 31 August 2017.

This is due to the PDS update contained within Thursday 31 August 2017 Spine Release.

During this time SUS+ Tracker will show interchanges held as "pending", until processing recommences on the afternoon of Thursday 31 August 2017.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

SUS+ Interchange processing


SUS+ interchange processing will be frozen from 6pm Wednesday 9 August 2017 until 8am Friday 11 August 2017.

SUS+ Tracker will show interchanges held during this time as "pending", until processing recommences on Friday 11 August 2017.

This is due to the ODS update contained within Thursday 10 August 2017 SUS+ Release.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

July 2017

Legacy SUS Portal Closed


Access to the legacy SUS portal has now ended as planned.  CDS interchanges are now being transmitted directly to SUS+. 

SUS+ Interchange Tracker functionality deployed


SUS+ Interchange Tracker functionality has been successfully deployed.  CDS interchanges are now being transmitted directly to SUS+.  Interchange Tracking functionality will remain active in the legacy system but will not show any new interchanges.

SUS+ Interchange Tracker functionality postponed


The planned release, scheduled for Tuesday 18 July has been postponed due to the need for further testing. This means that the release of SUS+ Interchange Tracker functionality will now coincide with the switching of transmission of interchanges directly to SUS+ after Friday 21 July.

For more information about the SUS+ switchover and decommissioning of legacy SUS, please refer to the latest update under 'Monthly Updates' on the SUS+ webpage.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions or issues, please contact the National Service Desk using the Weblog tool or call on 0300 30 35 035

SUS+ Switchover and Decommissioning of Legacy SUS


Details of the arrangement for the switchover to SUS+ and decommissioning of the legacy SUS application have now been published on the SUS+ webpage .

June 2017

SUS+ June update


The SUS+ June update is available on the SUS+ webpage. This update contains important information about Data Error Corrections and potential impact and recommended actions for users.        

SUS+ Data Error Corrections - Postponed


The code deployment to resolve SUS+ Data Errors did not take place on Wednesday 14 June 2017 as originally planned. Unexpected issues were encountered and the deployment has therefore been postponed.
We apologise for this delay and will publish news of the revised deployment date as soon as possible. 

SUS+ Data Error Corrections


Two data errors are due to be corrected on Wednesday 14 June in the next regular SUS+ release. The data errors are:

  • Incorrect handling of interchanges where a mix of Net and Bulk interchanges are submitted for the same data.
  • Records not being retrieved where 'Copy Recipient' data items had been submitted using 5 character organisation codes.

In order to ensure a commonality of data in SUS+, all previously processed extract files will no longer be available to download after the change. Draft or Scheduled extracts will not be affected and all extract specifications will be available to run on the refreshed SUS+ data from 8am Thursday 15 June. Users are therefore advised to download any existing extracts as soon as possible.

Legacy SUS is not affected by this change.

May 2017

Annual Refresh and Inclusion Deadline - 19 May 2017


Any SUS users experiencing issue

Any SUS users experiencing issues which may stop them from submitting data by the annual refresh deadline of 19 May 2017 are advised to raise a service request with the National Service Desk.
NSD weblog tool (log in required)

Or call on 0300 30 35 035

  • Legacy SUS will continue to process CDS interchanges for at least two weeks to allow for late submissions. Data will continue to be available from both legacy SUS and SUS+ during this time
  • 2016/17 data arriving after the inclusion date will be available from the legacy SUS PbR current mart and SEM but will not be added to the PbR Reconciliation and Post-Reconciliation marts
  • The March 2017 PbR Post-Reconciliation mart and the April 2017 PbR Reconciliation mart will still be frozen as at inclusion in both legacy SUS and SUS+   

Annual Refresh Deadline - 19 May 2017


Any SUS users experiencing issues which may stop them from submitting data to SUS by the annual refresh deadline of 19 May 2017 are advised to raise a service request with the National Service Desk.
NSD weblog tool (log in required)

Or call on 0300 30 35 035

SUS Service Announcement - SUS+ Portal availability restored


The SUS+ Portal is now available to access following maintenance work.  

SUS Service Announcement - SUS+ Portal unavailable


The SUS+ Portal is currently unavailable due to urgent maintenance work. The legacy SUS portal is available and unaffected by this work.

We will update this message as soon as normal service is resumed. Your patience and understanding is appreciated '   

Confirmation of SUS+ Go-Live


SUS+ is now live and available for access.

Interchanges from April 2015 to the present have been loaded into SUS+ and we are now processing all interchanges through both legacy SUS and SUS+. Please note that, although you can extract SEM and PbR data for 2017/18 activity from legacy SUS, the National Tariff calculations for 2017/18 activity will only be correct in SUS+.

We are holding morning open line sessions between 9am and 10am from Tuesday 2 May 2017. If you have not received an invite to these sessions, please contact us as at We will provide updates regarding any hot issues that we are working on or have solved during these calls.

SUS+ can be accessed via the SUS+ Portal. Links to both systems can be found on the Portal webpage along with supporting guidance. 

For more information on what to expect in SUS+ and potential differences between the two systems, please refer to the Introduction to SUS+, SUS+ Pricing Differences and SUS+ Summary of Changes guidance, available on the SUS+ webpage.

April 2017

SUS+ April update


The SUS+ April update is available on the SUS+ webpage. This update contains important information about SUS+ Transition and Migration of User Extracts.

SUS Incident Notification - PbR processing issues


All CDS interchanges have been queued for processing from midday Wednesday 05/04/2017, CDS Interchanges received between 01/04/2017 to midday on 05/04/2017 will be re-processed.

These re-processed CDS Interchanges will show as duplicates on Tracker with new Interchange IDs but duplicated Control Reference numbers and Received Dates.

The queued CDS interchanges will commence processing overnight and may take several days to complete.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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