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This is our old website. Most information can now be found on our new NHS Digital website. Let us know what you think.

SUS Guidance

SUS Guidance is a resource for SUS users on sending and accessing data, set-up and system support. For guidance on National Tariff/Payment by Results please refer to the SUS PbR Guidance page.


General Guidance

SUS Essentials

  • Getting Started with SUS
  • Security and Confidentiality
  • Accessing data and data quality issues
  • SUS Service Availability & Incident Management
  • Data Sender Deployment

pdf icon SUS+ Essentials v9.8 [1Mb]

How do I send data?

Sending CDS Data

  • Using BULK or NET submission methods
  • Merging organisations
  • Submitting Anonymous and Legally Restricted codes (previously known as Sensitive codes)

pdf icon Submitting CDS Data To SUS v4.5 [543kb]

EDT and Schema Guidance

zip icon New EDT client vn 3.5.2 [26Mb]

pdf icon SUS EDT Client Guide v2.3 [1Mb]

xls icon Wessex Schema for XML Suppliers v4.0 [117kb]

Sender Registration

pdf icon SUS Registration Overview v1.2 [224kb]

xls icon SUS_Sender_Registration_Form_(SR1)_v4.3 [52kb]

How do I access SUS?

The SUS+ portal can be accessed via the following link:

Portal User Guide

Contains information on:

  • Browser Requirements
  • Access and Authorisation
  • Creating and scheduling extracts
  • Interchange tracking
  • Error Messages

pdf icon SUS+ Portal User Guide v3.1 [1Mb]

Google Chrome Installation Guide

pdf icon NHS Digital Google Chrome Installation Guide v1.0 [359kb]

Managed Service Field Listings

zip icon Managed Service Field Listings [7kb]

SEM and PbR

Guidance on the differences and mapping between Standard Extract Mart SEM and PbR (Payment By Results).

xls icon SEM vs. PbR Summary v1.0 [12kb]

xls icon SEM vs. PbR Mapping v1.0 [401kb]

xls icon SUS_R13_SEM_Extract_Specification_v1.1 [236kb]

SUS+ Historical Data Request

Users requiring access to  historical data archive should complete this form and submit to National Service Desk for review.

xls icon SUS+ Historical Data Request Form v1.0 [13kb]

How do I set up an Independent Provider?

Independent Provider Set Up Guidance

pdf icon SUS Independent Provider Set Up Guidance v2.1.docx [76kb]

Support for Independent Sector Providers to ensure their data is correctly configured and that the required data can be accessed.

word icon SUS Independent Provider - Registration Form v3.1 [42kb]

How do I analyse data quality?

Data Quality Dashboards and KPI Reports are available to help monitor and drive improvements in the quality and completeness of data submitted to SUS.

SUS Data Quality Reporting

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